Clothing - The Underrated Hero Of Your Cycling Experience

by Matthew LaPrade on Dec 28, 2023

Clothing - The Underrated Hero Of Your Cycling Experience


If you are an enthusiast you have no doubt pedaled in some relatively unpleasant weather conditions.  Our locale is subject to somewhat mild cold and wet, yet brutal heat in the summer.  Rarely on a ride in foul weather have I thought “what I wouldn’t pay right now for a better frame”, but I have wished for better clothing.

AE Service Course has partnered with, what is in my opinion, the finest maker of cycling clothing on the planet.  ASSOS.  When Toni Maier started ASSOS in 1976 his focus was on increasing rider performance with the highest level of efficacy.  With a focus on the track he made rims, and what is debatably one of the first Carbon Fiber bike frames to ever be raced.  However through all these trials he found the single best way to increase the performance of a rider was through clothing, and shortly after developing hard goods he shifted his focus to clothing.  6 years after ASSOS was founded, the entire  UCI World  Championships podium was adorned in ASSOS clothing.

The focus on performance has never ceased, and ASSOS leads the industry in textile development and still supplies some of the fastest riders in the world (although their sponsors would rather you not know).  AE Service Course is the greater Sacramento area’s premier stockist of ASSOS so come by and see why the brand is still the top offering the sport.