Waxing Chains - Is it Necessary?

by Matthew LaPrade on Dec 28, 2023

Waxing Chains - Is it Necessary?


You may have heard of this in the past.  Maybe it was from a friend, and the moment you heard “I heat it up in a crockpot…” you tuned out.  Let me explain why waxed chains, and wax based lubricants are all you find at AE Service Course.

What is a “Waxed Chain”?  A wax chain is a bicycle chain that has been chemically stripped down to bare metal, and immersed in a specific wax system.  This system is not just a candle minus the wick.  The specific waxes are infused with many friction modifiers that are tailored for the exact purpose of increasing the performance, or efficiency, of your drivetrain.

Why is it the only system I use?  Three main reasons:

  1. Performance - nothing is faster than a waxed chain.  Depending on your system a waxed chain can save 2.5-5w @ 250w.
  2. Cleanliness - Wax is a solid lubricant.  It does not attract dirt and will keep you cogs, and calves free of the greasy black streaks.
  3. Experience - Waxed chains run smoother and last longer than their oil based brethren.

AE Service Course provides pre waxed chains as well as waxing services to existing chains.