Best indoor cycling clothing 2023: Lightweight indoor-specific kit

by Matthew LaPrade on Oct 24, 2023

Best indoor cycling clothing 2023: Lightweight indoor-specific kit

Indoor cycling is now more popular than ever. Completing a structured indoor cycling workout is at times a lot more appealing than braving the elements when the weather isn't nice. Instead of suffering whilst freezing on the bike, you can ride in the relative comfort and safety of your own home. 

Cycling indoors will protect you from the weather outdoors but it comes with its own challenges. Working hard indoors can leave you and the kit you wear soaked in sweat pretty quickly and at times overheating. 

Cyclists all over the world are logging countless virtual miles on the best smart trainers thanks in no small part to the numerous indoor cycling apps that make indoor training exciting. This appetite has prompted the creation of a new category of indoor-specific cycling kit and equipment to help riders stay comfortable whilst completing Zwift workouts or training indoors.

The best indoor cycling kit is super lightweight and does a solid job at wicking sweat and managing heat to keep you comfortable. Paired with the best indoor cycling shoes you'll be ready to maximise your indoor training comfort and motivation.